Miroimages is Mirko Miro, filmmaker and artist in storytelling.

Miroimages’ focus is the direction of audiovisual contents with particular attention on projects with a mixture of different formats.

Since 2010, Miroimages seeks to explore new boundaries of storytelling, blurring the distinction between fiction, animation, and documentary formats.

Eccentric characters with shifting perspectives in visually rich and layered worlds. Sophisticated, subtle and sensational—Expect the unexpected.

The true art of Miro’s storytelling is turning something personal into universal. Over the years, Miroimages’ works engaged on social topics using the most disparate genres and ranging from Social Drama, Mistery, Sci-Fi, Dramedy, up to Experimental and Queer.

Numerous Miroimages’ works born in collaboration and supported by European and international institutions such as:

Nisi Masa – European Network for Young Cinema.
MFI—Mediterranean Film Institute.
Dare to Dream—Crossing Borders.
Longocampo Dox,
Reykjavik Talent Lab.
Torino Film Lab.
Fest New Director New Film Festival.
Visegrad Forum at Dresden International Filmfest.
Riga Script Meetings at Riga International Filmfest.
Kurzfilm AG at Molodist Talent Workshop.
Stories and Beyond at Holland Film Festival.
Primavera at Olbia Film Network.
Sundance Collab at Sundance Film Institute.

Past experiences include many years in broadcasting as video producer and editor in chief respectively for Viacom MTV Europe and RBB Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg.

Building on extensive experience in film development and shooting, Miroimages offers a full-fledged range of services to assist development and production shootings, including:

– Storyboarding, screenwriting and direction.
– Location management, bureaucracy and paperwork. Focus countries: Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland.
– Funding advisory including applications for public funding.
– Technical expertise and talent-scouting for technical teams/personalities.
– Casting.
– Selection of catering services and other in-production services.
– Production and direction assistance.
– Post-production services / Green Screen, Animation, Stop Motion
– Selection of post-production partners.

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