Marzo 2010


The reality of a dream that will never be revealed.

Jemma Temp, March 1960 and Nikky in March 2010.

Jemma wakes up in the future, Nikky falls asleep in the past.

One dreams of getting married, the other is trying to go back.

And with discretion the eye scrutinizes both.

The same person, but living in different eras. Jemma, who wakes up after dreaming of the future and Nikky, who falls asleep and dreams of the past. Time goes on. Who dreams of whom?


Jemma Temp: Valeria Guarcini

Nikky: Valeria Guarcini

Production assistant: Valerio Tarasconi

Costumes and Makeup: Valeria Guarcini

Direction, Editing, Camera:
Miro Mastropasqua

Music by Pigneto Quartett

Xen.On Television Campus and RBB Deutschland 2008

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